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Our support for certification

Certification, a legal requirement for putting your product on the market

Altyor’s aim is to provide solutions for all kinds of businesses, from strategic IoT thinking to the design and manufacture of smart devices. To achieve this, we draw on our in-house multi-technology and multi-process skills, passionate and committed teams, an R&D centre and integrated industrial resources to serve our customers.

We know that certification is a sensitive issue for the development and marketing of your products, so we have set up solid partnerships with expert laboratories that enable us to pay particular attention to this issue.

In addition to the certification process built into our developments, we propose you support in the form of complementary services, from help in defining the regulatory constraints of your target markets to monitoring regulatory changes to your marketed products.

How can Altyor help you?

Regulatory study

Study of the regulatory requirements applicable to your product for the target markets

Surveillance contract

Monitoring regulatory and standards developments for your certified products

More about the regulatory study

This offer concerns any new product for which you would like a regulatory analysis. This study enables you to identify precisely the standards applicable to your product and to move forward with confidence towards design, taking into account all the constraints of the target markets.

Documents to be supplied and deadline

In order to carry out this service, we need the technical characteristics of the product, the list of components and the list of markets (where it will be sold).

The estimated lead time for two markets is 4 weeks.

Possible options

In addition to this regulatory study, you can add an identification of the compulsory markings and instructions to appear on your product or your leaflet, depending on the target sales markets.

Documents to be provided: Draft leaflet, photo of the sticker or technical plate envisaged for your product.

Deadline: identification of applicable standards (4 weeks) + 10 days

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More about the surveillance contract

In order to keep abreast of regulatory changes affecting your certified products, we can offer you monitoring contracts for your document library.

The aim is to ensure that your products continue to comply with the standards in force, and if they do not, to inform you in good time so that you can take all the necessary steps quickly and avoid any impact on distribution and therefore sales.
Changes to certifications will be sent to you 8 months before the next standard expires.
The surveillance system we work with monitors over 500 European and IEC standards on a daily basis, as well as other standards such as UL and FCC.

Monitoring changes in standards

From the first year of series production

Monitoring the validity of reports and certificates supplied by the customer for one year

In the event of a change in standards having a potential impact on your product, Altyor will inform you and assess the cost of implementing the changes required to bring the product into compliance.

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How can you successfully certify your smart device?

Certification is a prerequisite for bringing your product to market. In this guide, 15 questions and answers have been put together to help you understand everything about this final stage.

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