Innovative engineering solutions: a tailored response to your specifications

Multi-protocol, multi-sensor, multi-functionality

Altyor excels in a wide range of electronic systems.
In terms of connectivity: Sigfox, LoRa, Wi-Fi, Lifi, Zigbee, Enocean, etc. These are just a few examples of radio protocols regularly incorporated by Altyor for our customers.
As far as sensors are concerned, Altyor is not to be outdone: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, UV, VOC, etc. Our electronic design house installs sensors according to your needs and how your product is to be used.
Discover the full range of our technological building blocks within our ASK Knowledge Management platform.

Passionate and involved teams

With nearly 30 years’ experience, our engineers offer you the best solutions throughout your project, starting from the construction of your product architecture.
Come and meet our dynamic teams, who are ready to provide you with personalized answers to all your questions.
The flexibility of our R&D center means that we can accommodate new developments or modifications to your products during the course of the project.

Step by step design of a finished product

Firmware, PCB architecture, schematics, and routing. Our R&D center studies and designs your product by integrating all the interfaces of the components defined in the architecture. Each functional block is studied holistically to ensure that the interactions of each one (energy, EMI, interfaces, radio emission, etc.) are not overlooked.

The industrialization review ensures that the product defined in the study perfectly meets the industrial manufacturing requirements. Mechatronics ensures that the product thus defined integrates well in the mechanical environment (fixing, dimensional, radio, etc.).

The design phase is also used to validate the main software functions, compile the unit test report, and develop the test protocol to obtain the necessary product certifications.

We produce various mock-ups to validate our engineering solutions.

Technologically adapted, sustainable and ethical decisions

Altyor proposes an optimal engineering solution adapted to your needs. Sustainable, because we do not create single-use products and we design each product to last over time. Never programmed obsolescence, correctly sized batteries, and designed for ease of servicing. Finally, we manage our choice of electronic components using socially responsible criteria, such as their environmental risks (RoHs and Reach), or their provenance outside of conflict zones.

Discover our eco-responsible measures in our policy
Design for tomorrow.


Smart defribrillator

Life AZ

Connected water meter


Sigfox connected button

Europ Assistance

Contactless wallet

Money Walkie

Solar lighter

Solar Brother

Smart wine aerator


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