Best practices in industrialization: a key issue for successful manufacturing

An organization and processes at the service of industrialization

From the first positioning of components, the first routings, the first designs, we apply our industrial methods to guarantee high-quality, reliable products.

industrialisation efficace

Deliverables for optimal production

The drawing is a deliverable that can be used for checking compliance of parts at the end of production. These drawings also include all the part dimensions: materials, general tolerance, applicable standards, colors, finish, etc.
In addition, industrialization includes assembly instructions and control specifications for robust assembly lines and optimal ramp-up.

Designing and manufacturing your molds and tools

An expert in the design of plastic parts and a strong proponent of materials and processes, Altyor has extensive know-how in the transformation of materials (plastics, silicone, metal, etc.). We have designed and manufactured molds for hundreds of customers. We have customized solutions, using integrated or subcontracted industrial resources in Europe or China.

The transformation processes selected (injection, compression, extrusion, machining, stamping, marking, surface treatment and finishing, etc.) are tailored to our customers’ mechanical, functional, aesthetic, and regulatory requirements, and are optimally scaled for the quantities to be manufactured.

injection chine

Robust testing processes

Product testing processes are an essential part of the industry. It is vital to ensure that each product meets the customer’s expectations. On our factories’ assembly lines, products are checked individually to confirm that they meet all the acceptance criteria agreed with the customer.

From the outset of a project, we define with the customer the functional test specifications for the product, integrating the technical acceptance criteria. The design and manufacture of test benches makes it possible to automate the testing of all the product’s functionalities in order to bring reliable products to market.


defibrilateur connecte

Smart defribrillator

Life AZ
compteur eau connecté

Connected water meter

bouton sigfox 3d

Sigfox connected button

Europ Assistance
porte monnaie connecté

Contactless wallet

Money Walkie
Suncase solar brother

Solar lighter

Solar Brother
aérateur de vin connecté aveine

Smart wine aerator


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