Manufacturing France & China

With extensive industrial experience, Altyor manufactures electronic (connected or not) and mechanical products.

Our own certified production site

Altyor’s uniqueness lies in the fact that our Shanghai-based factory is 100% owned by us, which allows us to combine quality, competitiveness, and a strict code of ethics, particularly in terms of respecting our customers’ intellectual property.

Altyor’s sites in France and China are ISO 9001 2015 certified, which is proof of the rigor of our processes and the quality of the products we assemble.

ligne production industrielle chine

Robust human and industrial resources

For nearly 20 years, our 12,000m2 plant in Shanghai has housed a modular unit for assembly and testing, and a plastic injection unit (managed by our long-standing partner). This equipment allows us to manufacture electronic or mechanical products for the general public and for the industrial sector. This plant is MFI certified.

Setting up a solid assembly line is possible thanks to multiple phases (Engineering run, Pilot run, and Serial run) that enable high-volume production to be validated and secured. This process reduces your product’s time-to-market. Nearly 170 employees work at our Shanghai facility, including a management team and a team of French engineers.

Made in Altyor, France in China

Altyor is a multicultural group, which benefits both our customers and our French employees in China. The diversity of personalities, which transcends nationalities, is a source of enrichment for everyone. Altyor offers its Chinese staff a window onto European culture and ensures intercultural cooperation.

Altyor’s industrialization center in China allows us to offer our customers flexibility at all levels, including quantity and access to technologies, and all this at a competitive price. Some of the products we design could not exist without such flexibility.

Finally, our industrial center is audited and certified by Smeta (Sedex), ICS and Ecovadis. This certification confirms that we comply with international ethical standards.

assemblage produit chine

An extensive network of CSR-certified partners

We also manage a network of qualified partners in China for outsourced parts such as power supplies, batteries, cables, packaging, aluminum parts, glass, silicone, etc.
Note that we require all of our suppliers to sign a CSR charter guaranteeing compliance with our ethical principles.


defibrilateur connecte

Smart defribrillator

Life AZ
compteur eau connecté

Connected water meter

bouton sigfox 3d

Sigfox connected button

Europ Assistance
porte monnaie connecté

Contactless wallet

Money Walkie
Suncase solar brother

Solar lighter

Solar Brother
aérateur de vin connecté aveine

Smart wine aerator


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