Mechanical and electronic design

An experienced R&D center supporting you in the design of your complex products

Highly skilled in mechanics, electronics, and industrialization

Located in France, Altyor’s R&D center brings together all the skills needed to support customers in their projects from initial concept to industrial production, covering all manufacturing methods and processes.

The happy union of mechanics and electronics

The crossover between mechanics and electronics is a daily reality for Altyor’s multi-technology teams, who are experts in digital tools (CAD, simulation, prototyping, digitization, virtual modeling, dimensioning, etc.) and who understand the industrialization constraints of the equipment they design, be it for the electronic side or the mechanical structure.


Over the course of its three decades, Altyor has built up a strong track record of experience, which is applied to its customers’ current projects.

ASK is a unique tool developed by Altyor that compiles nearly 160 mechanical and electronic building blocks mastered by our R&D center. Learn more about our Knowledge Management platform to build your Bill of Materials, optimize your design and secure your project.


defibrilateur connecte

Smart defribrillator

Life AZ
compteur eau connecté

Connected water meter

bouton sigfox 3d

Sigfox connected button

Europ Assistance
porte monnaie connecté

Contactless wallet

Money Walkie
Suncase solar brother

Solar lighter

Solar Brother
aérateur de vin connecté aveine

Smart wine aerator


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