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Mechanical prototyping

In-house prototyping for total confidentiality and first-rate responsiveness

Eliminate risks and secure the design

The prototyping phase consists of validating all the functionalities defined in the product specifications. The electronic and mechanical prototypes are functional units produced jointly by the mechanical and electronic design houses, allowing us to present a unique prototype to our customers.

3D prints can be made at the outset of the design to analyze and remove potential risks as the project progresses, resulting in an optimized design. Each of the design elements can be tested without waiting for the major prototyping steps, thus securing the design.

prototypage imprimante 3d

Mechanical prototyping: saving time in design

The objective of rapid prototyping is to produce parts or products quickly on demand, resulting in shorter product development times. This means that prototypes can be produced without the need for costly tools and within a short time frame. Finally, the machines used to add materials are capable of producing extremely complex shapes. The prototyping phase thus allows our customers to present a prototype product with a finish and appearance identical to the serial product.

Altyor explores different product concepts in order to select the most appropriate solution. This is very useful for testing the mechanical elements of an object, excluding the aesthetic aspect, or for manufacturing parts in-house.

Integrated 3D printing tools

Altyor’s mechanical design house is one of the very first design offices in France to use 3D printers. Altyor’s in-house prototyping strategy offers customers total confidentiality surrounding their projects and allows Altyor’s teams to be highly responsive.

Altyor’s mechanical engineers and technicians are always on the lookout for new 3D printing technologies and continuously monitor technological developments in order to meet our customers’ expectations.

In addition, we have built a network of qualified partners to ensure that you benefit from the latest innovations for an optimal prototyping phase.


iot satellitaire

IoT satellite terminal

albiges Rolltrot

Pool reel

idodata - bracelet connecté

Bracelet DIAL

3d rudder gaming VR

VR and Gaming Motion Controller



defibrilateur connecte

Smart defribrillator

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